Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Review: MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Carefree

Continuing in my series on highlighters, I have a MAC Pro Longwear Eye Shadow in Carefree.  Now, I know, it's an eyeshadow and not a highlighter, but just look at the swatches and I'm sure you'll come around to seeing it as a highlighter as well.

MAC describes their Pro Longwear shadows as:

A unique longwearing Eye Shadow with a silky, creamy texture formulated for maximum colour impact. Easily blendable and buildable; lids are visibly smooth no matter how intense the application. Lasts 8 hours.

Carefree is described as "pale white gold" which is a very good description as far as I'm concerned.

The Pro Longwear pans are 3.4g of product for $20 (the regular MAC shadows are 1.5g of product for $15) so they are sizeable.  The pots for the Pro Longwear shadows are the same size as the pots for the Cream Colour Bases.

The heavier swatch is on the right, the more blended out is on the left. 

So looking at the swatch you might be thinking it looks familiar.  In fact you might be thinking it looks just like the swatch for the MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl.  And, well, you're mostly right.  I did swatch them side by side just so you could try and find a difference.

In the photo I think the Pro Longwear shadow is a bit more reflective, but in person, they're nearly identical. They both can impart a soft candlelit glow that is incredibly flattering.  The Pro Longwear shadow, being a powder product, is less likely to make you look greasy if you get too heavy handed with it, but aside from that, they produce incredibly similar results.

For another comparison, here are the pans next to each other:

I wish that one of these products was dramatically cheaper, or dramatically larger quantity than the other so that there'd be a clear winner, but again, they're really similar.   The MAC Cream Colour base is 3.2g of product for $17.50 and as I stated earlier, the Pro Longwear shadow is 3.4g of product for $20.  It's a nominal difference both in size and cost, so as for which is better, it probably just comes down to whether you prefer cream highlighters or powder highlighters.

Overall, I think the Pro Longwear shadow is a fantastic product and in this color, very versatile.

Overall:  7/10