Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: MAC Immortal Flower Blush

Immortal Flower is another of the blushes from MAC's Tres Cheek limited edition collection released in April 2012.  It is described by MAC as a "bright peach".  

It's a satin finish, but I was a little surprised by how much I had to work to get this color to blend out.  It did blend and I think it is a lovely color, but I thought it was much drier than either Pink Tea or Lovecloud.

I'm wondering if MAC had quality control issues with this production line.  I've seen a couple of other bloggers talk about how one shade in the Tres Cheek was considerably drier than the others, but it seems like it's all over the board as to which shade that was.  I know some people specifically mentioned Pink Tea, but my Pink Tea has a great texture.  Someone else mentioned Lovecloud and again, my Lovecloud is fine.  Who knows.

Anyway, for me, Immortal Flower was the driest texture of the bunch.  It is not unworkable by any means.  I think the swatch looks more pinky than it is in real life.  In real life it is a very true peach.

I have been really hit or miss with MAC and their volume of limited edition collections annoys me to no end. Up to this point I have specifically avoided buying anything that was limited edition. But ... I am in love with the Tres Cheek collection.  I picked up 3 of the blushes and I am very pleased.  I think the colors in this collection are very wearable and flattering.

Overall: 8/10


  1. Wow in the compact it looks nothing like the swatch! This color is so cute and perfect for spring!

    1. Yeah, the Lovecloud swatch (which I'll post in a couple of days) is pretty true to the color in the pan, but Pink Tea and Immortal Flower were very different - in a good way.

  2. Oooh, lovely! Looks really natural - I have colour like it, Warm Soul :D

    I love your blog! Just followed you!


  3. Pretty color! I ordered Love Cloud which I am waiting for it to arrive. :+)