Friday, April 20, 2012

Review: bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow Quad in Truth

I thought I'd review the eyeshadow palette that I've been using daily for the last week.  It's the bareMinerals READY eyeshadow quad in Truth.  I have no idea why they're yelling READY at us.  I would assume that READY is an acryonym for something, but the Bare Escentuals website isn't being much help in this regard.

Here's what I could find out about the READY line from the Bare Escentuals website:

Pure, intense, provocative color that's incredibly long-wearing and blendable with proven anti-aging benefits.  Available in 15 amazing duos and 4 phenomenal quads

I have no idea what the anti-aging benefits are and like I said, the website is not providing a lot of illumination.  The 4 shades in the Truth quad are:

  • Serendipitous  - shimmery off white with micro-glitter.
  • Magnetism - warm light brown with a metallic finish.  Reads very taupe in the pan, but on the eye and in swatches, is much warmer.
  • Fate - warm dark/medium brown with both a metallic finish and micro-glitter.
  • Apropos - dark brown with blue/silver micro-glitter.  The base shadow is matte.

I know that lots of beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus really seem to love the whole line of bareMinerals pressed eyeshadows and the Truth quad in particular has been talked up a lot.  To be blunt, I feel ripped off.  I am incredibly disappointed.

The color payoff is crap.  I will say that the other 2 neutral eyeshadow palettes are my Inglot matte palette and my Smashbox Photo Op Brown Eye palette and both of them have absolutely phenomenal payoff, so that may have skewed my reaction a bit.  But the pigmentation on this palette is incredibly disappointing.  The swatches below are fairly heavy swatches and even with the darkest color, the payoff is still crap.

Also, despite being a neutral palette, there isn't a single matte.  The darkest shadow apropos, does have a matte base, but it also has tons of glitter.

The palette contains a total of 5g of product and it retails for $30.  I used my 20% off at Ulta to purchase it, and I still feel really ripped off.

Overall: 4/10


  1. That's disappointing about the pigmentation, magnetism is a very pretty colour though!

    1. The colors are pretty, but the intensity just isn't there.

  2. It seems like it would be a palette for everyday (office type) makeup that's not overpowering. Mostly if you don't want to look like you actually have makeup on but do this would work. I have this palette and my old job had a minimal makeup policy and this worked great, however since getting my new job i've completely disowned it.

    1. At this price point, I really feel that intensity should be handled with application and not a lack of pigmentation. You're right about work. I can definitely use it there. But again, for this much money I feel like the pigmentation should be much better.

  3. I heard a lot of people rave about it so I was eventually going to pick one of these up but now I won't. Thanks!

  4. you know, i'm not the biggest fan of bareminerals, mainly because their colours never appeal to me what so ever!
    though this palette might come in handy for you (which i hope) i think i'd never buy it for myself!
    i loved the description of them though!/Azure

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