Friday, May 31, 2013

Tom Ford Platinum Eyeshadow dupe

(L - Hard Candy Quick Sand; R - Tom Ford Platinum)

The Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum is one of those products that got a ton of hype and a cult following.  I'm not sure where exactly it started.  I know that  Pixiwoo talked about the color and I think Wayne Goss did a video about it as well.  It launched with the Tom Ford Summer 2012 collection and was limited edition.

I managed to pick up a pot of Platinum and the first thing I have to say is that it's not platinum.  It's not even kind of platinum.  There is absolutely nothing platinum colored about this shade.  Which isn't to say it isn't stunning.  It is, but it's certainly not platinum colored.  FYI.

The texture of platinum is very light and mousse-like.  It goes on easily and sheers out beautifully.  When you do a stronger swatch, it looks grayer and more of a metallic taupe color.  Sheered out it is a light pink leaning  brown.  It has a fair bit of microglitter in it that is more obvious the more you sheer it out.  It seems to be the glitter that gives Platinum its metallic look because I don't think the shadow base itself is metallic at all.

So, on to the dupe.

Last week I picked up the Hard Candy All Lid Up Creme Shadow in #571, Quick Sand.  Swatched, Quick Sand is really, really close to Platinum.  (I believe the All Lid Up shadows are new this spring).


(natural, indirect light)

(direct sunlight)

The textures of the 2 shadows are quite different.  Hard Candy is a thicker formula, much closer to the Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams in many respects.  The Tom Ford, as I said before, is very mousse-like.  Platinum contains a lot of glitter, Quick Sand has no glitter, but does have a metallic finish.  Platinum is warmer, pinker, especially as it fades.  Quick Sand is a bit cooler.

In heavy applications, the two shadows are fairly indistinguishable.  Sheerer, the differences are much more pronounced.  The Hard Candy shadow wore way better than the Tom Ford.  The Tom Ford wasn't awful, but it wasn't great.  It didn't crease on my non-oily lids, even without a primer, but it did fade noticeably after three hours.  Whereas the Hard Candy shadow looked pretty much exactly the way it had when I initially applied it, the Tom Ford really changed as it wore.  Platinum started out looking much the way it does in the swatches above, but after a couple of hours on the lid, it had really sheered out, had become much pinker and much more obviously glittery.  It almost changed from looking like a shadow, to almost looking like the lid was wet.  I don't know if this is your thing or not.  It's not really mine.  But I know a lot of people like 'lived in' eye looks.  You'll definitely get that from Platinum.

Platinum is much, much easier to remove - I'm pretty sure I could have rubbed most of it off with a tissue.  The Hard Candy shadow, in contrast, stays where you put it and requires an oil cleanser to remove completely.

Packaging, obviously, is very different.  Platinum comes in some seriously luxurious packaging.  It is a heavy, glass jar.  It feels substantial.  Everything about it lets you know it's a $40 eyeshadow.  Hard Candy comes in cheap plastic packaging and is available exclusively at Wal-Mart.

They are both beautiful shadows.  Personally, I think the Hard Candy shadow has a better formula.  It definitely wears better.  Also, it's $6.


  1. Yea... I will definitely take the 6 dollar one..... You know, I am slowly noticing you have quite a collection of high end stuff, you go girrrll!

    1. LOL. I love makeup at all price points ;)

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