Monday, May 20, 2013

MAC Extra Dimension MSF in Double Definition

I am a total sucker for the MAC Extra Dimension Mineralize Skin Finishes, so when this year's collection came out, I picked up all three of them.  The first I'm reviewing is the Extra Dimension MSF in Double Definition.

(natural light)

Unlike last year's Extra Dimension MSF collection, this year, the MSFs are split into two separate colors.  I absolutely love this.  While I really, really like last year's inaugural collection of Extra Dimension MSFs, I just think that having two colors per pan makes them so much more versatile.

(day bulbs)

The top half of the Double Definition MSF compact is a very metallic frosty warm gold color which I think is exactly the same color as last year's Whisper of Gilt (there are side by side swatches below).  The bottom half of the Double Definition MSF compact is a much darker, bronzy color.  The texture is quite different from the top half.  While the bottom half isn't matte, it is certainly not frosty either.  It does have a lovely metallic sheen, but much more muted than the top half.  

When you mix the top half and the bottom half, you get a more metallic, frosty finish, but the color is still very bronzy.

The lighting isn't great here, but I assure you that the top half of Double Definition is the same color as Whisper of Gilt.  Below are swatches of the top half of Double Definition next to Whisper of Gilt in both natural light and under day bulbs.  They are the same color.

MAC Extra Dimension Mineralize Skinfinish in Double Definition contains 9 grams of product and retails for $30.  MAC online is sold out, but some counters still have product available as do some online retailers.  Nordstrom still has some of the MSFs.

On the whole, I love this product, but it is a bit of a niche product.  As highlighters, the Extra Dimension MSFs are certainly not subtle.  You can sheer them out, but even then these pack a punch.  But they are gorgeous.  Personally, I get more mileage out of them as eyeshadows.

Overall: 10/10


  1. Holy jeez, double definition is BEAUTIFUL in the pan!!! I wouldn't even want to mess up that design, WOOOW

    1. These powders are surprisingly resilient. It would take a lot of use to wear down the design.