Friday, May 3, 2013

Stila In The Light Eyeshadow Palette

I am absolutely a sucker for neutral eyeshadow palettes.  Do I need another one?  Of course not.  Did I pick up another one, you betcha.

This time it is the Stila In The Light eyeshadow palette.  It features 10 shadows in a variety of neutral colors and finishes.

Top row L-R Bare, Kitten, Bliss, Sunset, Sandstone

  • Bare - Light, yellowy beige with a matte finish.  It was dry, but not awful
  • Kitten - Shimmery Champagne color with a metallic finish.  Absolutely fantastic.  (As a side note, I have Kitten from another Stila palette and it is pink in the pan.  Swatched, it looks identical to the swatch here, but in the pan, it's pink.)
  • Bliss - Light pinky brown with a matte finish.  It was dry with underwhelming color payoff.
  • Sunset - Mid tone pinky copper with a metallic finish.  Fantastic shade.
  • Sandstone - Warm dark brown with a matte finish.  It was dry, but better than the other mattes in the palette.  Had good color payoff.

Bottom row L-R Bubbly, Gilded Gold, Luster, Night Sky, Ebony

  • Bubbly - Metallic warm gold, darker than Kitten.  Fantastic.
  • Gilded Gold - Warm dark brown with a satin base and gold glitter. Color payoff was good, but I had a lot of glitter fallout.
  • Luster - I have another Stila palette with Luster and I swear, it is not this shade.  Different in the pan and different swatched.  This Luster is a cool dark brown with some gold glitter.  Texture was a bit dry, color payoff wasn't fantastic.
  • Night Sky - Dark gray blue with a satin base and blue glitter.  It had a good texture, but I did have problems with glitter fallout from this shade as well.
  • Ebony - Matte black.  Okay texture.  Okay payoff.

Also included is a Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner in damsel which is a dark matte brown.

I think this is a really nice palette.  I won't be trading in my Lorac UNzipped palette for it any time soon though.

The metallic shades are fantastic, but I think it's probably pretty easy to make a fantastic metallic eyeshadow.  Everything else is very middle of the road, which is disappointing.  Most of the mattes were terrible.  And all of the glitter shades had big problems with fallout.

Stila's In The Light palette contains 14 grams of product and retails for $39 wherever Stila is sold.  I got mine at Sephora.

Overall: 7/10


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  2. Oh this looks like a good alternative to the naked palette

    1. I think Naked is probably more consistent, but they both have some gorgeous shades.

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