Friday, May 31, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Powder in Sweet to Touch

As I mentioned a while ago, this spring I went on a bit of a kick and picked up several Rouge Bunny Rouge products.  I got them from BeautyHabit, which is still a far better deal for people living in the US than buying direct from the RBR web boutique (FWIW).

Overall, the haul was pretty hit or miss.  I absolutely love the eyeshadows and lipsticks.  The blush and this highlighting powder and rather underwhelming.

I know that people seem to rave about the RBR liquid highlighters, but I already have several liquid highlighters, so I opted for their powder highlighter in Sweet To Touch.  They do have another, darker, shade, called Goddess.

As with a lot of highlighters, it's really difficult to swatch.  The product doesn't provide much color on my skintone, but it does add sheen.  I would be concerned that this product could look ashy on darker skintones.

The effect of this powder is similar to the Kevyn Aucoin celestial veil highlighter in candlelight (review forthcoming), but it's not as good.  And really, at this price point and with this much hype, I want it to be great.  It's not great.  In fact, I think it's very middle of the road.

It's a subtle highlighter.  It's finely milled without being overly powdery.  It's not glittery at all.  It's ... lovely.  But the thing is, at this price point, RBR is competing with lines like Kevyn Aucoin, Tom Ford, Guerlain and Armani.  

And while RBR is nice, it's not on par with those brands.

If you buy direct from the RBR site, this product will cost you 39 euros, which as of today, is just over $50 - before shipping.  (If you buy it from BeautyHabit, it's $39).  That puts this product in Meteorites territory and while it's nice, it's certainly not Meteorites nice.

The packaging is cute.  It's high gloss black with a floral design and a nicely sized mirror.  But again, at this price point, it is competing with brands who can put out some seriously substantial and luxurious packaging.  This packaging reminds me of MAC.  It's good, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, but not great.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge highlighting powder in Sweet To Touch contains a substantial 12 grams of product.  As I said earlier, if you buy it from BeautyHabit, it's $39 (which puts it in the range of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders and I do think it compares well to some of those shades and textures).  If you buy it from the RBR web boutique, you're looking at around $50 plus shipping.

Overall: 5/10


  1. Wow very cute and simplistic packaging! But woah that price!!!

    1. Yeah, they're a nice line, but I really think they should be priced more like Inglot than Guerlain. They really can't compete at the price point the have.