Monday, June 3, 2013

Hard Candy Baked Bronzer in Tiki

A couple of months ago, there seemed to be a mass hysteria in the YouTube beauty community about the Dior Amber Diamond highlighter being discontinued - which, as I understand it, isn't true.  For the record, the full product name is 'Diorskin' Ultra Shimmering Allover Face Powder in 002 Amber Diamond.

Anyway, several of the YouTubers that I watch picked up Amber Diamond and then mentioned that it is apparently very similar to the Hard Candy baked bronzer in Tiki.

Now, as much as I love highlighters and bronzers, I'm less crazy about gold highlighters.  And especially at the Dior pricepoint ($45), I am not going to rush out and pick it up.  But the Hard Candy baked bronzer in Tiki is only $9, so I figured I could give it a try.

Now, since I don't have Amber Diamond, I can't do a side by side comparison.  But even without it, I have a hard time imaging Dior putting out something that's truly a dupe for this Hard Candy product.  Tiki is super frosty and very, very yellow (as opposed to gold).  It is also crazy reflective and not at all subtle.

Why, exactly, Hard Candy labels this thing a bronzer, I have no idea.  I cannot even begin to imagine a skintone on which this would bronze anything.  I'd think that in order to bronze something, you'd have to be bronze and this product isn't.  It's yellow.  Frosty, banana yellow.

In the pan, the product is champagne beige with gold veining, but on the skin it is straight up yellow frost.  If that's what you're looking for, good for you.  You get 12.5 grams of product for $9, which is a heck of a deal - provided you're looking for a frosty yellow highlighter.

Did I mention this is a frosty yellow highlighter?  Because, really, I just can't imagine who the hell reaches for this thing in the morning.

Overall: 3/10


  1. I think I mentioned before my fave highlighter is mary loumanizer from the balm, do you have that one?
    Also, why would anyone grief over the discontinuation of a 45$ product?!?! Oh no, what can I do with that money now?!?! Also, that product would probably last a life-time anyways

    1. I picked up the Balm highlighter in a makeup swap a couple of weeks ago and I love it. The pricepoint on products bothers me much less than what I view as bad quality. And yes, I suspect that either of these would last you pretty much forever.

  2. I have to agree with you that this is not a bronzer. I do like to use this as a highlighter, I guess each their own. They have a darker bronzer that I like to use to highlight over a real bronzer.