Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in N10 and Cream Foundation Brush

I watch Lisasz09's YouTube channel a lot.  I love how thorough her reviews are and I love the broad range of items and price points she reviews.

I will admit that I'm not very familiar with the CoverFX line.  I do like their philosophy, that makeup should actually improve your skin over time.  Their cosmetics are free of many irritants commonly found in cosmetics and they are supposed to be great for people with sensitive skin.

Now, I don't have particularly sensitive skin, but I like the philosophy behind the brand.

As for the Total Cover Cream Foundation specifically, Cover FX describes the product as a rich emollient based cream foundation with SPF 30 offering flexible coverage. For All Skin types.

A couple of weeks ago someone started a YouTube tag about foundations that people use.  The idea behind the tag is that if you, as a consumer, can find someone on YouTube with your specific skin shade, then you'd have a better idea of how certain products would look on you.  I LOVE the idea behind this.  And I'd like to add another component to it, skin type.

I have dry skin.  Really, I cannot stress enough just how dry my skin is.  It is always tight and often flaky, especially around my nose.  I wear the most emollient night creams that I can find - usually over the top of straight up argan oil and rosehip oil.  I use hydrating masks regularly.  I drink lots of water every day.  None of it makes any difference.  My skin is dry.  Dry, dry, dry.

I promise you, that wasn't a total digression.  Back to the foundation.  I already know that Lisa and I do not have the same skin shade and I know that she tends to have combination/oily skin. But, she was so impressed with the product and I trust her integrity, so I wanted to check it out.

I went to the counter and got shade matched to N10.  As a reference point, I am usually a MAC NW15ish.  MAC Face and Body in N1 is too dark for me.  I am almost always the lightest shade in a foundation range, unless the lightest shade leans too yellow (NARS, Bourjois), in which case, I usually just can't wear that line at all.  Let it be known that CoverFX's N10 is not the lightest shade in the range.  They have N0 (boggles).

As it turns out, N10 is too light for me (this never happens).  It was a great match for my neck.  But since my face is probably 2 shades darker than my neck, I usually try to split the difference.  The N10 made me look like Casper the friendly ghost - well, moreso than usual.

Now, I certainly could have gone back and picked up a better shade match, but I didn't.  And I'll tell you why.  

This foundation sat terribly on my skin.  It was awful.  Like I said, I know that Lisa's skin is a lot oilier than mine, but since the PR materials specifically used the word "emollient" and it says its suitable for all skin types - and when I tested it in store, it didn't feel drying - I thought it would be okay.  

It wasn't okay.

This stuff just clung to my skin.  It would not move.  And it just went on so unevenly.  It would be really sheer in places and then pool in my pores and grab onto patches of dry skin.  It looked terrible.  (In addition to being the wrong color).

Now, I know that I probably could have improved things if I'd worn a primer under the foundation.  But I generally don't wear primers because my skin is so dry.  And really, at this price point, I am not willing to go out of my way and add extra products into my routine to make something work. 

For $42, you work or you go back.

So ... it went back.

When I bought the foundation I also picked up CoverFX's Cream Foundation Brush ($38) since Lisa and several other reviews I read said that this brush really did a fantastic job of applying the product.

The brush is okay.  I kept it.  Mostly because I have a brush problem.

It is really, really similar to one of the brushes in the Sephora Advanced Airbrush set, which I already have and which retails for $65 for 5 brushes. Both the CoverFX and Sephora brushes are synthetic brushes.  

(And fwiw, I'm pretty sure this set from Crown Brush is the same thing as the Sephora set and it's only $30.  Moral of this story is if you're really curious about the CoverFX brush, you could pick up one just like it from Crown for $8 cheaper and then get 6 more brushes to boot).

The CoverFX Total Cover Cream Foundation contains 10g of product and retails for $42 wherever CoverFX is sold.  The Cream Foundation Brush retails for $38.

I picked up both of my products at Sephora at JC Penney.
Foundation:  0/10

Brush: 7/10


  1. sad,cream nd even whipped foundation doesn't do better work on me......

    chk out my blog.nd follow if u already following u.

  2. The only cream foundation I have tried is from Shiseido, I like it a lot, but cream foundation's application is too much effort for me, I hate working with brushes lol

    1. I'm not opposed to the idea of a cream foundation, but I do really prefer to apply foundation with fingers. For a fantastic cream product, I would go the extra mile, but this one was not fantastic.