Friday, December 6, 2013

NARS Pierre Hardy blush in Boys Don't Cry

I apologize in advance.  As I catch up from my hiatus and backlog, I'm sure I'm going to have most posts like this about items (to borrow a term from PinkSith) You Can't Have.

This is the NARS Pierre Hardy blush in Boys Don't Cry.  It released in Spring 2013 with the NARS Pierre Hardy collaboration collection.  The color is described by NARS as "grapefruit pink".  It's a chameleon color (meaning it's not true to pan at all, imo).

The gold is just an overspray that is quickly wiped away, but in the pan the color looks very coral leaning toward orange.  

On the skin, it leans much cooler and pinky red.  To me it is almost a watermelon pink.

After the overspray is gone, the blush has a satin finish.  It is incredibly pigmented and vibrant, a little dab will do ya.  The wear time is great.  Easily 8 hours before it fades.

This limited edition blush palette is larger than a regular NARS blush (.16 oz) and contains a whopping .45 oz of product.  It has the typical rubberized NARS packaging, which means it is going to be dirty and fingerprint covered in about half a second and in a couple of years it will get tacky and gross.  SIGH.

You can still find some of these on eBay and occasionally on Amazon.

I picked mine up in the Spring at Sephora for $41.

Overall:  8/10