Monday, August 19, 2013

Wet n' Wild Color Icon Blusher in #834E Berry Shimmer

Wet n Wild is one of those lines that I just love to pieces.  The entire line generally has functional (if boring) packaging, a phenomenal price point and the quality is outstanding.  Because of this, I own just about everything Wet n Wild has on the market.  But last weekend, I found a blush I had somehow neglected to pick up.

This is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Blusher in #834E, Berry Shimmer.  It is a gorgeous deep wine color with gold sparkle.  The pigmentation is absolutely phenomenal.  It has fantastic color payoff.  

The texture of the blush is very soft and easy to blend with a lovely satin finish.  I found that as you blend it out, it does tend to lose the sparkle, but not the pigmentation (I hate it when blushes work the other way around - I'm looking at you, Milani).  

The Wet n Wild Color Icon blusher in Berry Shimmer contains 4 grams of product and is available wherever Wet n Wild is sold.  I picked mine up at Wal-Mart for $2.93.

Overall:  9/10