Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush Duo in #53 Glow

As a general rule, I photograph my products before I use them because no one wants to see gunky cosmetics after they've been put through the wringer.  So I will apologize in advance because I did not photograph this particular product before using it.  That's because I had no intention of reviewing it.  I had to take a trip and I was in a pinch.  On a whim at Target, I picked up a decent looking blush and bronzer duo because hey, why not?

However, after several months of using this product I absolutely LOVE it.  So, here's the belated pictures and review.

This product comes in 3 shades, #51 - Glimmer, #52 - Glisten & #53 - Glow.  I would love to give you an official synopsis of how the products differ, but there isn't one.  And to be honest, the different shades didn't look terribly different in the store.  Maybe on the skin there's a big difference, I can't say for sure.  I picked up Glow because the blush shade appealed to be the most.

The product has the same snakeskin pattern that a lot of the Sonia Kashuk products have.  The design is very resilient and even after months of regular use, this is what it looks like.  The bronzer looks crazy metallic in the pan, but on the skin isn't nearly as full throttle as you'd think.


The bronzer is a very warm red-gold when heavily swatched.  It has phenomenal color payoff and a great texture.  On my skin, lightly applied, it is very warm and much more of a blush than a bronzer per se.  

The blush is a very warm peachy pink with good color payoff.  The texture of it reminded me a lot of the new MAC Extra Dimension blushes that came out this summer.

Both products have a lot of sheen, but no shimmer or glitter.  I love to use the two products together.  I run the bronzer along the back of my cheekbones to give some color, but also definition.  Then I put the blush on the apples of my cheeks.

(indirect sunlight)

Both products wear really well on me.  I get probably 6 hours out of the blush before there's any fading at all.  I get a good 10 hours out of the bronzer before there's fading.  I absolutely love this product.  I love the color.  I love the fact that the compact is super easy to just throw in a bag and go.  It does double duty as blush and bronzer, super convenient.

When I say I love this product, I mean it.  I alternate this almost every day with my Guerlain Terra Ora bronzer, which is easily 6 times the price.  I LOVE this.

The Sonia Kashuk Chic Luminosity Bronzer/Blush duo in #53 Glow contains 6.8 grams of product and retails for $12.99 at Target.

Overall:  10/10


  1. Wow, what is up with bronzer having super gorgeous patterns! This one looks just as good as the guerlain one haha

    1. It is really pretty. And it performs fantastically well too. Definitely a double bonus for me.

  2. I've had my eye on this for so long. But I always pick it up and put it back. i think it's time for me to just get it!

    1. I picked it up on a whim and I couldn't be happier. I'd love to know what you think of it.

  3. What a great product! I will have to look and see if my target still carries it.

    1. Yeah, I really love it. It's fantastic.