Tuesday, March 4, 2014

MAC satin finish lipstick in Brave

For quite a while now, I've had the MAC lipstick, Brave on my makeup wishlist.  The other day, I traded in some Back To MAC empties and I finally picked it up.  There's nothing new or sparkly about this lipstick.  It's been part of MAC's permanent collection for a long time.

MAC describes the color as 'pink-beige with white pearl'.  Eh, I can sort of see that but mostly, this reads as a muted pinky peach color to me.  And I don't really detect much of a pearl at all.


(indirect natural light)

For me, this is a very work appropriate, everyday sort of shade.  It's just sort of a mindless option.  It applies easily, wears easily and has good staying power.  It doesn't require a lot of upkeep, it isn't uncomfortable to wear. It's definitely not a nude on me, but it's a very natural color.

The MAC lipstick in Brave has a satin finish and contains 3 grams of product.  It retails for $15, or if you have 6 MAC empties, you can trade them in for a full size lipstick.  For more information on which MAC products qualify, see the Back to MAC page at the MAC site.

Overall:  10/10