Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Recent Korean Beauty Haul from RubyRubyShop

I just wanted to share a little Korean beauty haul that I did recently from the RubyRubyShop on ebay.

I picked up:
  • SKINFOOD Avocado Rich Essence 1, $13.04
  • TONYMOLY Hello Bunny Perfume Bar, #3 Dodo Rose, $9.44
  • TONYMOLY Mini Berry Lip Balm SPF15 PA+ #01 Cherry, $8.39
  • TONYMOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar, #3 Juicy Apple, #2 Juicy Grape, #7 Neon Orange $5.30 each
  • THE FACE SHOP Lovely ME:EX Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream in Baby Powder, $4.45
  • It's SKIN Hyaluronic Acid Serum - 40ml, $16.19
  • INNISFREE Green Tea Mineral Mist (Mist Spray) 120ml, $17.09
  • TONYMOLY Clean Dew Apple Mint Cleansing Oil - 150ml, $12.59
  • ETUDE HOUSE Ice Cream Nails, Blue Mint, Peach, Strawberry, $5.84 each
Most of the items were supposed to be stocking stuffers for my daughter, but unfortunately, they did not arrive in time.  I placed my order on Dec., 2013 and the items arrived on Jan. 3, 2014.  They arrived registered mail (my previous order didn't ship registered mail and arrived in 4 business days.)

If you want to see reviews on any of the items, let me know.  I absolutely love the Green Tea Mist and the Hyaluronic serum and have already ordered more.  And seriously, as for the non-skincare items, Korea has the cutest and most fun packaging you can find on this planet.  It's awesome.  Did you see the little ice cream cone nail polishes or the cherry lipbalm?

As far as my experience ordering from RubyRubyShop, it was good.  I did order at the height of the holiday rush so I really wasn't shocked that my item took a long time to arrive.  RubyRubyShop quotes 10 - 35 business days for shipping to the US.  I'm pretty sure they mean calendar days based on the shipping estimates I received.  

There is a consistent issue with the English not being particularly intelligible on the site.  Sometimes it's pure gibberish and at best it's awkward and ambiguous.  There is something on the site about standard shipping rates and how shipping cannot be discounted, even if you purchase multiple items.  I've ordered from them three times now and I have never paid any shipping on any of the items, even when the items shipped via registered mail.

All in all, I'm thrilled with RubyRubyShop.  It's extremely affordable (generally cheaper than SaSa).  Items arrived well packaged and they include some really nice extras.  The first time I ordered it arrived super quick, the second time it took a month, but it was in the middle of the holiday rush.  The only downside to the shop for me is that they don't currently carry Skin79 or My Beauty Diary (I still have to get those from
    Here is a copy of the current disclaimer on all of their products on ebay, though it is obviously subject to change.  It's pure fiction, but amusing.

    Do you guys buy Korean beauty products?  If so, can you find them locally or do you have an etailer you like?  Let me know.



    1. I love the packaging! Very cute!

    2. I've been eyeing many Korean products on eBay but haven't bought yet. They are so cute! I would love to see swatches/ reviews of the gloss sticks.

      1. I will definitely review these. Thanks!