Monday, July 29, 2013

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers Liquid to Powder Eyeshadow in Head to Toe

Hard Candy isn't a brand I've ever really been too interested in, but lately I have to say, I think they've been putting out some really nice products at great price points.  I was particularly impressed with their All Lid Up Cream Shadows, which are really similar to the MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Creams at a fraction of the price.

So when I saw their Shadow Dancers Liquid to Powder Eyeshadow, I had to give it a try.  These launched with Hard Candy's Spring 2013 collection.  I picked up #578, Head to Toe.  This contains two liquid eyeshadows, one is a bronzy brown and the other is a shimmery peachy nude.  The silver part in the middle of the tube contains a dual ended doe foot applicator and the two ends containing the product screw onto it.

Both colors contain a good bit of glitter, but they can be sheered out fairly easily.  So depending on how many layers you apply, you can get anything from a light wash of color to very metallic.  Despite being called a liquid, this product isn't really runny at all.  It's very creamy.  

The product goes on tacky, but dries down quickly and sets in under thirty seconds.  It's called a "liquid to powder", but I have several other liquid to powder products and this really doesn't have a powder finish to me.  It certainly sets, but it doesn't feel powdery at all.  It's pretty budge proof and I didn't have any issues with it creasing - even without a primer.  After six hours there was some wear, but it wasn't looking bad.  I did need to use an oil cleanser to remove the product.

The packaging isn't the most elegant, but at this price point, I'm willing to deal with it.

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers Liquid to Powder Eyeshadow contains 5.9 grams of product and retails for $6 at Wal-Mart.

Overall:  8/10


  1. Looks really good actually, thanks for the review!

    1. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality.