Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish in Scarce

Several weeks ago, I picked up the Illamasqua Speckled Nail Varnish in Freckle and I absolutely loved it.  That was my first Illamasqua polish and I thought the formula was fantastic.  So, I really wanted to try more in the line.  Unfortunately, the Speckled line was sold out at Sephora online.


Luckily, in store at my local Sephora, they did have the line in stock and I went ahead and picked up another one, this time with a pink base called Scarce.

Like Freckle, Scarce was nearly opaque in one coat but fully opaque in two coats.  The glitter was distributed well without having to fuss with it.

What really impresses me about this polish is its wear time.  As a point of reference, nail polish chips on me.  It always chips on me.  Every manufacturer, every finish.  Metallic polishes chip on me, glitter polishes chip on me.  I'm lucky to make it through an hour or two with a cream finish.

My nails are not very strong.  They flex a lot, so, like I said, everything chips on me.

This polish didn't chip on me.  I wore it for a week and I did have some wear on the tips, though not bad, but it did not chip at all.  I am in love.  Freckle wore really well for me as well, though I did swap it out more quickly than I did Scarce (though not because it was chipped - because I needed to swatch another polish).

I don't know if this quality is limited to the Speckled line or if all Illamasqua polishes are this awesome, but I will find out.  I can't wait to check out more.

Overall:  10/10