Saturday, March 23, 2013

Terrafirma Haul

I am obsessed with Dustin Hunter.  I think he makes some of the most creative, informative, witty and well produced videos on YouTube.  Thanks to him, I now have a health obsession with Estee Lauder (which I thought was totally old lady, but it's not!).

Another brand that he often references is Terrafirma Cosmetics.  As far as I can tell, they're an independent brand specializing mostly in mineral makeup, though they sell things beyond color cosmetics.  Dustin has raved about their gel mineral bronzer and being on the pastier side of pale with absolutely no hope of ever achieving a natural glow from the sun, I'm curious about bronzing products.  Self-tanners turn me orange, so a straight up bronzer seems to be the way to go. 

While investigating the gel bronzer, I realized that Terrafirma also sells a damn lot of blushes.  And I think we all know how I feel about blushes.  And even better, they sell samples.  OMG, yes.

I picked up a sample of one of their matte loose mineral blushes in refined, which is described as a neutral plum.  I also picked up three of their Radiance Glowing mineral blushes, Antionette (Warm Coral), Tender (Pinky Coral) and In Love (Warm Mauve) for $1 each.

The gel mineral bronzer comes in two formulas, matte and shimmering.  And given that a full size bottle is way more than I could ever hope to use in my lifetime, I picked up a sample size of each of the bronzers.

And while digging around on the site, I realized that they also sell Zoya's nail polish remover (of which I needed a refill) and Argan oil (which I can also use).  Both of them were very reasonably priced.  And given that I was going to have to pay shipping anyway, I decided to make the most of it.

The order shipped super fast and arrived well packed.  The blush colors are absolutely beautiful.  I haven't had time to try bronzers.

Here is Dustin's brilliant video on Terrafirma cosmetics.  If you're interested in picking some up, I highly recommend his video.  His swatches are fantastic.