Monday, March 11, 2013

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks

I'm not sure when Rimmel launched the Kate Lastinging Finish line of matte lipsticks, but I saw the display in my CVS in early January 2013.  I have several of the regular Rimmel Kate lipsticks and I really like them, plus I tend to love matte lipsticks, so I was very excited to try these out.

I picked up four shades, 101, 104, 109 and 111.  I have absolutely no idea why #111 is the only one of the bunch that has a name, Kiss of Life.

All of the lipsticks were opaque with one swipe and they all seemed to stain to some degree, though obviously, 111 stained a lot more than 101.  As far as matte lipsticks, I didn't like this formula as much as the MAC matte formula (which I actually really like).

This formula wasn't terribly uncomfortable to wear, it just wasn't great.  The wear time was good, which you'd expect from a matte lipstick that stains.  The texture also isn't the greatest, but I'm not particularly sensitive to that.  If you are, you may want to skip this line as it can feel a little gritty.

  • 101 - bright neutral (maybe slightly blue based) pink
  • 104 - pinky brown with berry undertones
  • 109 - mostly neutral coral pink-red.  Color swatches is very true to the bullet.
  • 111 - bright red with slightly orange undertones, though less orange than MAC Ruffian Red or NYX True Red (have I seriously not posted that review).

The lipsticks each contain 4 grams of product.  These lipsticks are available wherever Rimmel is sold for around $6.

Overall:  7/10