Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: NARS American Dream Palette

The NARS American Dream eyeshadow palette #9976 was one of two limited edition release for Fall 2012 (the other was New Wave, which as of this writing, is still available at  The American Dream palette is sold out, however, all six shades are available in the permanent range, though, obviously, not in this packaging.

I don't have any of these particular shades in the standard, permanent packaging, so I can't really compare the quality of the LE packaging to the permanent line.  Sorry!

The palette contains six eyeshadows: (Belissima, Alhambra, Silk Road, Galapagos, Bali and Tzarine).    In total, the palette contains 9 grams of product.

(top row: swatched under daylight bulbs)
  • Belissima - This shade is permanent as part of the Belissima duo.  It is a matte white with gold glitter. Despite the way the swatch looks, it does have decent pigmentation.  The glitter doesn't immediately fall out, as is an issue with some of the other glittery NARS eyeshadows I've tried *cough*NightFlight*cough*
  • Alhambra - This shade is permanent as part of the Alhambra duo.  It is a metallic peachy gold with phenomenal color payoff.
  • Silk Road - This shade is permanent as part of the Silk Road duo.  (Are we seeing a trend?)  The shadow is a warm rose pink with gold glitter.  The base seems a little frosty, but not straight up metallic.  The color payoff is good.

(bottom row: swatched under daylight bulbs)

  • Galapagos - This shade is permanent.  It is a warm medium dark brown with gold and copper sparkle.  It is a very soft shadow with good color payoff.
  • Bali - This shade is permanent.  It is a dark gray/brown matte eyeshadow.  It is buttery soft with excellent payoff. 
  • Tzarine - This shade is permanent as part of the Tzarine duo.  It is a blue/silver/gray with gold sparkle.  It felt dry when I was swatching it, but it had great color payoff.

Unlike the other palette released in this collection, I think American Dream is very wearable across the board.  I think it is a nice collection of darker and highlight shades and for someone like me who really doesn't have many NARS shadows, this was a good opportunity to pick up some of their most popular shades at a better price point.

This product originally retailed for $55 and I got mine from

Overall: 8/10


  1. Oh love it, I wish NARS wasnt so out of my price range!

    1. The palette is expensive, but they're good deals for the amount of product you get, plus, getting to try a bunch of shadows at once. Individually, their shadows are too pricy for me.