Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Caudalie Premiere Cru Eye Cream

Over the last couple of months, I received several deluxe samples of the Caudalie Premiere Cru eye cream and I loved it.

I know that a lot of people eschew eye creams and just use regular moisturizer because a moisturizer is supposedly a moisturizer.  However, having contacts I feel like I need very different things from my eye cream from people who don't wear contacts.  I need an eye moisturizer that doesn't migrate around, or that if it does, one that won't irritate my eyes.

I also need something that is a really good moisturizer - not because of the contacts, but because of the fine lines, LOL.

The Caudalie Premiere Cru eye cream met my requirements beautifully.  It's a super creamy, hydrating formula that doesn't burn my eyes.  I've been wearing it daily now (heavily at night and very lightly in the morning) for about three months and I love it.  I do feel like it has helped the crepe-y skin around my eyes quite a bit - hasn't banished it completely, but then again, it's a cream, not a time machine.

The downside to this lovely product?  Price.  I will admit that this had been on my wishlist for months.  .5oz of product retails for a whopping $95.  So I did what any woman whose fine lines are at war with her wallet, I waited until I had a really bad day and I picked some up on a whim.  Sue me.

I love this stuff.  I absolutely think it is worth the $95 and when this bottle is empty, I will cry.

Overall:  8/10