Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flower Beauty Kiss Stick Lipsticks

Flower Beauty is the new cosmetics line from Drew Barrymore and the Maesa manufacturing group.  It is sold exclusively through Wal-Mart stores and Walmart.com.  The line launched in January 2013 and currently has 181 offerings ranging in price from $4.98 to $13.98.  The category breakdowns are:
  • Face - 70 items
  • Lips - 51 items
  • Eyes - 44 items
  • Nails - 16 items
For this post, I'm concentrating on the lips.  The lip line includes:
  • Kiss Stick - Velvet Lip Color (matte lipstick)
  • Kiss Stick - High Shine Lip Color
  • Lip Service - Lip Butter
  • Shine On - Lip Gloss Wand
  • Sheer Up - Lip Tint (gloss stick)
  • Line & Shine - Lip Liner
  • Petite Fleurs - Lip Pocket Trios (3 lipsticks)

(L-R; Petunia Petals, Tender Tuberose, Sweet Peony, So Gladiola)

I picked up 4 of the Kiss Sticks (5 actually, but one will be a later post) which retails for $6.98 each.  They each contain 3.5 grams of product.

  • Velvet Lip Color in So Gladiola
  • Velvet Lip Color in Tender Tuberose
  • High Shine Lip Color in Petunia Petals
  • High Shine Lip Color in Sweet Peony

(Petunia Petals, Tender Tuberose)

(Sweet Peony, So Gladiola)

(Sunlight, Daylight Bulbs)

  • LS 16 - Petunia Petals is a High Shine lipstick.  It is a bright blue-based berry pink.  The color is very similar to MAC Moxie, but the finish is very different.  It applied evenly and smoothly, but it took a couple of passes for it to be opaque.  The formula is lightweight and moisturizing.  It didn't stay shiny for me for very long, maybe an hour.  I needed to re-apply after 3 hours.
  • LS 12 - Sweet Peony is a High Shine lipstick.  It is a neutral peachy pink.  Like the other high shine lipstick, it applied evenly and smoothly, but took a couple of passes to be opaque.  It and was moisturizing and comfortable on the lips with a similar wear time to Petunia Petals.
  • LS 7 - So Gladiola is a Velvet Lip Color.  It is a bright coral that leans very orange.  It is opaque in one swipe, though it did skip a bit during application.  It has a matte finish.  This was not my favorite matte finish by far.  I find both MAC and Rimmel's matte finishes to be easier to wear and less drying on my lips.  Being matte, it did have a good wear time, but it was not comfortable and I ended up putting something else on my lips far before this color had worn off.
  • LS 3 - Tender Tuberose is a Velvet Lip Color.  It is a darkened pinky brown with a matte finish.  I found this formula to be even drier than So Gladiola.

(MAC Moxie vs. Flower Petunia Petals)

Overall, I really want to love this line.  I think the colors are fantastic.  I was thrilled to see they had matte lipsticks and so disappointed that they weren't easier for me to wear.  I think the price point is good.  I'm bummed that you can only get them through Wal-Mart.

Flower Beauty says they never test on animals, but I wouldn't vouch for them or their parent company being completely cruelty free.


  1. I wish these were in the UK gorgeous shades xx

    1. They really are pretty. And the names are fantastic. Hopefully they will get wider distribution soon.

  2. Those are beautiful shades, I would definitely consider them. I'm slowly getting more into lipstick. My lips are constantly dry though so it's hard to enjoy lipstick. I look forward to checking these out when they come to Walmart Canada :)
    Great reviews

    1. I hope you guys get them soon. If you don't let me know and maybe we can do a swap.