Thursday, August 23, 2012

MAC Paint Pot in Nubile

The MAC Paint Pot in Nubile came out as part of the MAC Limited Edition September 2011 Posh Paradise collection.  It is described by MAC as "light peachy nude".

This is one of those colors that is difficult for me to swatch because it is so close to my skintone.  Nubile does have a bit of a frosty finish.  It's not quite metallic, but there definitely is a sheen.  It is a surprisingly complex color in person that looks different from different angles.

I picked this Paint Pot up a couple of months ago in one of April's blog sales along with a bunch of other goodies that I am trying to get all swatched and photographed (OMG, backlog much?).  The product has pulled away from the sides of the pot, but it is still creamy and applies easily.

This is one of my first paint pots and I know that typically they're used as bases for other shadows and to prevent creasing.  Nubile definitely works well in that respect.  I have some red discoloration on my eyelids and Nubile does a good job of covering that redness.  However, just as a primer this is definitely on the pricey end.

Nubile is a shade that can be worn on its own as a wash of color.  It is close to my skintone, but it does have that sheen and subtle complexity that make it more than just a base or primer.  There are a lot of products with vastly different price points that are similar.  I'm thinking specifically of Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams and the Milani Shadow Eyez pencils.  The MAC Paint Pots pricetag wise sit between the two of those.

Nubile was limited edition, so it is no longer available, but regular MAC Paint Pots contain 5 grams of product and retail for $18.50.

Overall: 8/10


  1. this looks like a great color to wear too bad I missed out on it.

    1. I thought I'd missed out on it too. Thank goodness for blog sales ;)