Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hello and Quick Update

I'm not sure if anybody is still reading, but if you are, apologies for being MIA lately.  I wish I had some great reason for it, but mostly it's just that I've been really busy.  Between work and home, I've had something on my calendar every day for the last six weeks, including a week long business trip to Portland, OR and several quick family vacations.

I have a gigantic backlog of products to review, so as soon as I can manage to photograph everything and write up my notes, there shouldn't be any issue with having content to publish ;)

Anyway, that's all I just wanted to let you know.

Chat with you soon.



  1. Hey Indie - I'm still reading ;) Looking forward to all your future reviews xx

  2. I check in once in awhile too. I understand the busy thing! Summertime always is for me and especially this year as my daughter got married on Sunday :D
    Looking forward to the future reviews.

    1. Oh congrats on your daughter's wedding! Thanks for checking in.

  3. So glad to hear! I've been checking back quite often :)
    Looking forward to future content!