Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Haul: RubyRubyShop Asian BB Cream

I have been really curious about Asian BB Creams and foundations for a while and I had several on my list that I was particularly wanting to check out.  I looked at a bunch of different online retailers and while they carried an impressive range of products, it seemed like none of them carried all of the specific products I was looking for until I found RubyRubyShop.

RubyRubyShop is in South Korea.  As far as I can tell, they have both an ebay store and a regular ecommerce site.  For the record, I made my purchases through their ebay store.

I am a bit confused by the fine print on their ebay store.  It is pretty obvious that the text wasn't written by someone who is particularly fluent in English.  I don't buy their line for one second about no fake products being available in Korea.  There is also a line about how they cannot discount shipping fees on auctions even if you buy from multiple auctions at once - but I'm pretty sure they did for me as I didn't pay any shipping at all.

I chose standard shipping on my order (no charge) and it states that standard shipping to the US takes 10 - 35 business days, however I received my order in a fantastically short 4 business days.

Here's a closer look at what I picked up:

SKIN79 Mini BB Cream Set (Diamond, Pink, Gold, Pear) - $7.99

Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream SPF37 PA++ #01 - $13.18 and

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream #02 MOISTURE SPF30 PA++ - $5.99

Have you guys used RubyRubyShop?  If so, what do you think of them?  Do you have another go-to site for your Asian skincare and cosmetics needs?



  1. can't wait for the review XD

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    1. Thanks! I should have reviews up shortly.

  2. I have this black miniature set the vip gold and hot pink BB creams are great but the tubes are so small we get very few amount of product . I am waiting anxiously for your review on holika holika BB creams

    1. The small size is definitely a plus and a minus. If they're a bad match or don't work out, then you're not wasting, but if they're awesome, it is a tiny amount. I'll try and have the reviews up quickly.

  3. I can't wait to see what you think of these. Because you know, I think you give the best, most thorough reviews of anyone. I know there are a lot of tinted moisturizers putting BB in their name, I don't know if I've ever really tried a BB cream or not. It will be interesting to see what YOU think.
    -- Judi

    1. Oh thanks Judi. LOL. I am mostly done reviewing the first of these BB creams and I swear, it is the review that just will not end. It goes on and on and on.

  4. I've heard about the shop but never taken the time to purchase. I'm always weary about oversees shopping and using my credit card.

    Boston Princess

    1. I bought through their ebay shop, so I didn't have to give them my credit card. Also, the shipping was super fast.