Friday, August 17, 2012

E.L.F. Neutral Eyeshadow Compact

So I used to have the Urban Decay Naked palette (the original) and it just sat around gathering dust.  I didn't use it.  I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but I finally decided that someone else could put it to better use and I traded it on MakeUp Alley for MAC Matchmaster Foundation (probably my most successful MUA swap to date).

Anyway, the other day I saw two different blog posts on various blogs that I read about how the E.L.F. Neutral eyeshadow compact is a dupe for some of the UD Naked palette shades.  So I decided to plunk down the whopping $3 for it and check it out.  My reasoning was that the E.L.F. palette is all neutrals and omits dupes for the Urban Decay shades I either already own (hello, smog, why do I have three of you?) or never used anyway.

And now on to the swatches and comparisons:

  • Glittery White - This shade isn't similar to something in the Naked palette.  It's a white shade with a lot of silver glitter.  The texture was very creamy and the color payoff is good.
  • Not!Sidecar - this shade was awful.  It had tons of glitter and seemed to be more glitter than shadow.  it was chunky and uneven and awful.  Urban Decay's Midnight Cowboy is sort of the standard for horrid glitter, but this shade could certainly give Midnight Cowboy a run for its money.  And really, I don't remember Sidecar being that glittery.
  • Matte Dark Brown - Excellent color payoff, creamy texture.  For me, this was the best shade in the palette.  I think this is probably darker than any of the matte brown shades in the UD Naked palette.

  • Not!Virgin - Shimmery light pink with satin finish with shimmer, but not glitter.  Very creamy.  If memory serves, this is really close to UD's Virgin.
  • Rosy Brown - satin finish with shimmer, but not glitter. very creamy.
  • Dark gray brown - matte finish.  Not as creamy as the other matte, but very workable and again, darker than anything in the UD palette (I know Dark Horse looks dark in the pan, but on the skin it's really not).

So obviously, I no longer have the Naked palette to be able to do side by side comparisons but my overall impression is ... it's an E.L.F. palette.  Some of the shades are okay (the matte brown in the upper right hand corner is probably my favorite of the palette but at this point I probably have a dozen great matte brown shadows so this doesn't exactly justify purchasing the whole compact for one shade).

Overall, most of the shades are forgettable or really similar to something else I already have.  If you don't already have any affordable neutral palettes, it might be worth picking up.  I really don't think that if you have your heart set on the Urban Decay Naked palette that this is going to satisfy you, but at $3 vs. $50, you might be willing to live with it.

What do you guys think?  Anything that stands out enough to be worth picking up?

Overall: 5/10


  1. i agree...the colors are kinda been there, done that. great review! im sure i speak for all when i say that I appreciate your honesty :)

  2. I have a larger version of ELFs natural palette and definitely prefer those colors over this smaller version.

    Boston Princess

    1. Yeah, I saw swatches of the larger one online and it looked better, but it wasn't in stock at my local Target :(