Saturday, July 7, 2012

June 2012 Glossybox

Here is the June 2012 US Glossybox.

A closer look at the products:

Wella Professionals Enrich Moisturizing Treatment mask for fine/normal hair.  
Deluxe sample contains 25mL.  
The full size contains 5oz and retails for $12.

First Aid Beauty Smooth Shave Cream.  
Deluxe sample contains 2 oz
Full size contains 6.8oz and retails for $16.50

Trio of face products from vBeaute
Lite Up Intense Brightening Agent Serum
Buying Time Day Cream
Eye Never Eye Cream
The samples look like they're about 1mL each.
Full sizes retail for Lite Up 1oz $150; Buying Time 1.7oz $135; Eye Never .5oz $85.

This is the "special surprise" from this month's Glossybox.  It's from a company called A Perfume Organic (which I think is a horribly confusing name, FWIW).  The perfume itself is called Urban Organic.  The vial arrived about 1/3 full.  A full size contains .41oz and retails for $65.  The perfume is nice, but honestly, giving me a 1/3 full vial as an extra .. I wish they'd just not bothered.

And finally on to the full size item for this month's Glossybox:
Ofra Eyeshadow in Ice.
Full size.  Retails for $14.95.
I am so underwhelmed by this.  It looks like a turd in a tube.

Overall, I am much less impressed by this month's Glossybox, but I will give it another month or two before I decided to keep it or dump it.