Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Milani Runway Eyes eyeshadow palette in 09 Trendsetter

This spring I picked up one of the Milani Runway Eyes palettes in 09 Trendsetter.  Trendsetter is a mix of yellow-green-blue shadows.  

The packaging for these palettes is definitely not my favorite.  The shadows are in raised strips, sticking up above the level of the rest of the palette.  This makes it very easily to accidentally gouge the shadows and makes any fallout practically impossible to reclaim (it's not like you can put it back in the pan, there is no pan).

The shadows are all the Milani baked eyeshadow formula so you will get significantly better color payoff if you use the shadows wet as opposed to dry.  These swatches are dry.

The wear time on these particular shadows wasn't phenomenal, especially since I didn't foil them.  They're a mineralized product and I do realize that if you want to get the full potential, you have to use them wet.  But I hate using shadows wet, so I realize I'm going to get less than stellar results.  Over a base they wore for about 4 hours before they faded significantly.

This is definitely not a go-to palette for me.  These colors are pretty far outside my comfort zone.  But I was wanting something different and this palette certainly filled the bill and was very budget friendly.

The palette contains 9 grams of product total and retails for around $8 in the US.

Overall: 7/10


  1. pretty colors! i have one of these palettes and i dont LOVE IT...its not terrible though. i always love trying different milani products!

    1. I am in love with Milani overall, but I am disappointed in the packaging of this particular palette.