Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: MAC Nail Lacquer in Russian Red

MAC's Nail Lacquer in Russian Red is limited edition with the MAC Fashion Sets.

Russian Red is an iconic blue based red.  The other two items in the fashion set, the lipstick and the lipglass are so popular they are already part of MAC's permanent collection.  The chance to get this color in a nail lacquer was so good I picked up a bottle for myself and several other bottles as presents for friends.

I know that for a while MAC's nail lacquer formula was notoriously bad and continues to be notoriously expensive.  I had decided there was no way I was going to shell out sixteeen dollars for a bottle of nailpolish that is decidedly on the small side.  However, it seems like the quality has stepped up lately and this particular shade was well reviewed by several of the big nail blogs.


Russian Red is a cream finish.  It applies evenly and it reasonably opaque in one coat and completely opaque in two coats.  I will say that it doesn't look quite as blue-based to me as the lipstick and lipglass with the same name.  It's much more of a primary red that doesn't lean particularly blue or orange.

This color and finish aren't forgiving to chips, so I know it will have a shorter wear time than other polishes.  Right now I'm on day three and I have several noticeable chips and some minor wear on the tips.


Like all MAC Nail Lacquers, it contains 10mL of product and retails for $16.

Overall, it is a fantastic color and a good formula.  I wish it was more blue-based.  This is a high maintenance color and finish, but it does look stunning.  The price point is not great, but it was limited edition and I don't have anything close to his color in my collection.

Overall: 8/10