Friday, June 15, 2012

My recent experience with Beyond The Rack

On April 24, 2012, I made a purchase at Beyond the Rack.  This was my first time using this particular site, however, I've made tons of purchases from similar sites like HauteLook and Gilt.

I purchased the following items:

  • Clinique - 10 Piece Beauty Brush Set - $5.99
  • Guerlain - Make Up Brush - $4.99
  • Estee Lauder - Cyber White EX Illuminating Mask - $16.99
I was charged $9.95 shipping and my credit card was immediately charged.

I received the items on May 14, 2012.

Here are pictures of what I received:

To say that I was disappointed is an understatement.

The "Clinique" brush set didn't even try to pretend.  It was clearly branded as another brand and bore absolutely no relationship to the picture from the Beyond the Rack site.

The "Guerlain" brush is an obvious and horrid fake with quality worse than dollar store makeup brushes.  Also, it was broken in two pieces.

The Estee Lauder mask appears to be legitimate product, however, it is clearly labeled as not for individual resale.  Also, I wonder just how long this stuff sat on the shelf and if it has any oomph left in it.

Return instructions were included with everything and their return coding was so extensive it was shocking and disappointing.  I did go ahead and package everything up.  I called UPS to schedule a pickup.  I also called Beyond the Rack customer service.  They assured me that I would not be charged for return shipping of these items.

The items were shipped back to Beyond the Rack on May 18, 2012.

Then ... I started checking on Beyond the Rack.  I know, cart and horse, right?!?  I should have checked them out before I purchased.  But I didn't.  And so now, I looked and found out that all kinds of people have had problems with Beyond the Rack, especially with receiving fake items and with them not refunding the cost of return shipping.

This story ends well enough.  They did not charge me for the return shipping.  They did finally credit my card back the cost of the returned items, but this didn't happen until the first week of June 2012.

I'm chalking this one up to a learning experience.  Do your homework first.  I will not be purchasing from Beyond the Rack again.


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    1. I'm just deeply disappointed. UGH.

  2. That's awful! I hope enough people make complaints about them so they either start trading legitimately or not at all

  3. That's crazy! I mean even they should know clinique prints their name on the brushes! I am subscribed to Beyond the Racks mailing list but nothing on their ever really caught my eye, but now I will definitely be unsubscribing!

    Boston Princess

    1. I'd been on their mailing list for months and this was the first thing that seemed tempting. And now I'm sorry I gave it a shot.

  4. I admit I have heard many people have bad experiences, that like yours seem horrible, but the 3 times I have ordered from them I was thrilled. I havent tried any cosmetics - 2 pairs of boots and a purse.

    Have you thought of letting Clinique and Estee Lauder know what they tried to pull with you? I bet they'd appreciate the info!

    1. I haven't let the companies know, but that's certainly something to consider.

  5. I'm on the mailing list of Beyond the rack and I have never buy from them. Thanks for sharing the story. Now I'm sure that I would never buy from them. In fact I always doubt of the site it seems pretty shady...

  6. Wow that's terrible :/ sorry about your bad experience.
    the brush broke too!?
    That's horrendous...

  7. Wow that is terrible. I've purchased a pair of sandals, I knew they were cheesy and cheap but they were exactly what was in the picture!
    Sucks you had such a bad experience! :(

    1. I was just shocked I mean, what I received was nothing like what was pictured on the site. I coudn't believe it.

  8. I am glad that in the end you rec'd your money back and they did not charge you for return shipping. I had subscribed to them, but there was just something about them ... didn't feel right or maybe I felt their products were cheap or ... whatever it was that made me feel lacklustre ... I listened to and unsubscribed. I am very glad I did! ox Care

    1. Good instincts. Trust me, you did well to avoid them.

  9. Hi Indie,

    Firstly, let me apologize for the disappointing experience. I don’t blame you for feeling frustrated and I am extremely disappointed in the quality of the product you received. I can assure you however, that all our products are 100% authentic. A team of people ensure every item sourced comes directly from the manufacturer, and authorized reseller or distributor. A thorough check on each and every one of our brand partners is conducted before entering into a business relationship with any of them.

    As a growing company we are not always perfect and we can, from time to time, make mistakes. That can even be expected.
    We try to take great care in ensuring that each our customers are satisfied – especially when we have made a mistake. It a source of great pride for the 300+ people who make up the BTR family here in Montreal, New York and Las Vegas.

    That being said, I was unable to find your order details using this email address. I would appreciate if you can forward this information to me so that I may personally look into the matter for you and see where we went wrong and rectify the situation.

    Thanks for taking the time to write.

    Hope to hear from you shortly.

    Beyond the Rack

  10. Natalie, with all due respect, actions speak louder than words.

    Yes everyone is allowed to make mistakes but your company appears to be trying to beat some kind of Guinness world record in this area.

    All 4 of my orders have been disappointing for different reasons:
    -excessive delivery timeframe (up to 2 months!!! And I live in the same city as your original warehouse)
    -mistakes in the order (wrong color)
    -misleading sizing (how can I order a size 10 shoe and my mom who is an 8 was the only one who could fit her foot inside ??)
    -misleading appearance
    Furthernore, your bad customer service is LEGENDARY. I don't know anyone who's tried to get some service (myself included) who got treated with respect, concern and promptness. Interestingly enough, the only times I see a respectful and appropriate response is when your company responds on PUBLIC forums such as this one. You're excellent at managing your image, not so much at managing the expectations and satisfaction of your clients.

  11. totally agree beyond the rack stinks big time just recieved my order and i'm not a happy camper. first of all i ordered abt a month ago and i just got my stuff yesterday and i realized it was not what i ordered so i called and customer service was just terrible they did not do anything for me and i think i'm just gonna leave it at that but i'm never shopppin from them EVER AGAIN!

  12. Shipping just take too long. I doubt any online retailer takes this long. Never had an online store send me my stuff so late. Don’t waste ur money at btr when u can spend it on other stores that are better like the or

  13. Wish I had googled first! Just bought some MAC from them. Haven't received the items yet, but if they're clearly fake I'm gonna report them to MAC's Counterfeit line.

  14. I had a similar experience recently where I purchased something for my wife using beyond the rack. I knew it was very shady when I hit submit and I was automatically billed for the purchase. What made it worse was the long delivery times. When I got the products, I noticed that the earrings that I had purchased were TINY in comparison the picture. I also purchased a dress, which turned out to be huge. My wife suggested I return everything.. I am stuck packaging everything up and sending it back. What a crappy process and experience. I will not use BTR again.

  15. I hate beyond the rack. their stuff is cheap, and I find it insulting that I'm charged shipping when I pick up my own orders. yes, they credit my account for the shipping charges. But this basically means I'll always have a $12 credit on their site and they have pocketed an extra $12 for nothing.
    "We don't have that option" when I ask if there's any possible way to wave the shipping charge.