Friday, May 25, 2012

Swap with Carly!

So Carly (Carlyjeanx on Youtube) contacted me a couple of weeks ago to see if I would be interested in doing a swap with her.  She lives in Canada and the idea of the swap was for us to exchange items that are our personal favorites and/or items the other person doesn't have access to.

I have been subscribed to Carly's channel for a while and I just love her videos and of course, I was interested to try out Canadian products so I immediately said yes!  Carly was great to include product information.  She said all of these items can be found in Canada at Wal-Mart, Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaws.  Candian prices are included in case you're interested.

So let's go through the goodies I got from Carly!!

First up are items from Annabelle cosmetics:

This blush is just gorgeous.  I am wearing it today and I just love it.  And the shadows are awesome too.  The brown is just the perfect shade, so flattering.  And the green (Vert-to-go) is so incredibly creamy with fantastic color payoff.

All items:
  • Annabelle blush in 48 - $7
  • Annabelle eyeshadow in Vert-To-Go, $5
  • Annabelle eyeshadow in 121, $5

Next up is a brand called Quo.  (The bronzer is available only at Shoppers Drug Mart):

The bronzer is so unbelievably gorgeous.  I am so in love with it.  It reminds me so much of the new Yves Saint Laurent Terre Saharienne Collector Poudre De Soleil Bronzing Powder.  The packaging is cute, the product itself is just gorgeous.

The lip products are fantastic as well.  The lipgloss stick is such a gorgeous coral color and the cream gloss (which is actually Marcelle, not Quo) is sheer, but so pretty.

Quo Items:
  • Quo California Sun Bronzing Powder, $15 exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Quo Luminous Gloss Stick in Glow, $12
  • Marcelle Creme Lux Gloss in Bellisima, $10 (obv. not Quo.  It's Marcelle)

So here are a couple of more Marcelle products.  These are for the eyes.  

First up is the Marcelle Volume Precision mascara which I am SO EXCITED to try.  I have heard so many good things about this mascara.  I'm going to have to wait because I have a couple of tubes of mascara open already and I definitely don't want to waste this one.

Then there is the Marcelle waterproof liner in Expresso.  I swatched this and it is so creamy and the color payoff is fantastic.  It is also really waterproof which is fantastic because so many supposedly waterproof eyeliners are not waterproof at all.


  • Marcelle Volume Precision Mascara, $10
  • Marcelle Waterproof Liner in Expresso, $10

And then last but certainly not least is an argan oil hair mask.  I have been on the lookout for one of these and I am really looking forward to trying this out.

  • Live Clean Argan Oil Restorative Conditioning Mask, $8
Again, definitely check out Carly's YouTube channel when you can.  Subscribe too!

Here is my video:

Here is Carly's video:


  1. Great swap! :D I want to try that brand Annabelle

    1. I'm loving the Annabelle stuff! I'll do a full review.

  2. I am looking forward to your reviews. You do such a great job with reviewing items. I would love to see you do your eyes with the green and brown. My new favorite combination. I have the eye pencil in lime from NYX and I put that on my lid and then a brown in crease, it's awesome. Makes my eyes pop!

    I'm going now to watch Carly s video.
    -- Judi

    1. I will definitely be doing several looks with these products! I am loving everything Carly sent. I'm not sure if I'll do a full blown tutorial, but definitely a FOTD!

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Judi!

  3. Aww, she seems like a really sweet girl.
    Just like you.

  4. Hey Indie! So excited to hear your full review on the products in the future!
    I found a price for the Annabelle Blush for you, it's $7.

    There is so many other brands and products that are great and Canadian, I wish I could have given you so much more!!
    We shall do this again some time in the future!

    Loved your video and blog! Keep being awesome :D

    Your new friend,
    Carly! (coming soon!)

    1. Oh thank you for the price! I updated the blog post. Again, thank you so much for suggesting this. I truly had no idea how many Candian brands there are that aren't available in the US. I am blown away by the quality of the items and I am so happy that I get to try them out!

  5. Awh it looks like you got some lovely things! The bronzer looks amazing! Swaps are so fun! X

    1. I am in love with that bronzer. It is awesome.

  6. coolest bronzer ever! i really liked the pattern of it, but at the same time it's a shame because if it was me i would never use it for not ruin the pattern...../Azure

    1. LOL! I don't seem to have a problem ruining beautifully stamped cosmetics, but I do love the pattern. I will be sad to see it go.

  7. Fantastic swap .. all great brands/ products ... I wasn't aware of the new Quo bronzer (which appears as it might also multi task as a highlighter) and will be checking that out asap! I just picked up the same collection's neutral quad palette ... absolutely wicked! Terrific post! oxox Care

    1. I am absolutely in love with that Quo bronzer. It is gorgeous. I really hope I have the opportunity to try out other items in that line.

  8. You received great things! Love swaps :)

    1. I totally scored with this swap!