Friday, May 4, 2012

Review: Beauty Blender dupes: hits and misses

First off, I should say that I don't have a Beauty Blender mostly because I don't want to pay $20 for a sponge. But that didn't stop me from spending $20 on dupes.  Doh.

The first dupe I tried was the Sonya Kashuk Blending Sponge from Target.  It retails for just over $10 and it looks like this:

The problem is that when you get it wet, it still looks like that:

It does get a little bigger, mostly just wider.  But for the most part, it doesn't really change size and it doesn't really change texture.  The sponge is very dense and rubbery.  The end result is that you're trying to apply product with what feels like a giant pencil eraser.

This product was a complete waste of money for me.

Sonya Kashuk Blending Sponge Overall 0/10.

Next up, I decided to try the CVS Essence of Beauty Precision Blender Sponge.  It retails for $4.99.

Dry, it looks like this:

For comparison, here is it wet next to one that's still in the package:

It does get considerably larger when you wet it.  It has a much softer and more pliable texture.  Like I said, I haven't used a Beauty Blender, but the CVS Essence of Beauty Precision Blender Sponge does work well for applying foundation and at $4.99 was well worth the money.

I really prefer applying my foundation with a buffing brush, but if I had to use a sponge, it would be the Essence of Beauty Precision Blender Sponge.

CVS Essence of Beauty Precision Blender Sponge Overall:  10/10



  1. Good review. I don't like applying my foundation with a sponge, tried it but it's not my thing. I also prefer a buffing brush.

    1. Yeah, I much prefer a buffing brush too, but as far as sponges go, they are not all created equal :(

  2. I had never even seen that shape of a sponge before your blog. Maybe its not as common up here in the 'Great White North? lol! I just use regular latex wedge sponges for foundation.

    1. Since Beauty Blender took off, there's certainly a lot more of them. I'd been using the regular latex sponges for years, but overall I prefer buffing brushes.

  3. You spent $20 on 3 sponges however, none of which are as good as a BB (I do own one--I also made the mistake of trying to dupe.) for $25, you can get 2 BB's, a cleanser sample, and free shipping on btw (n/a, just saying this is a much better bet than spending te same amount of moneys watching for a dupe, ya know?)