Thursday, May 17, 2012

Haul: sheet masks - Shiseido, My Beauty Diary, Estee Lauder, Skinfood

I had heard quite a few different people talk about being a good place to pick up sheet masks, so I decided to give it a try.

Some background - ships out of Hong Kong.  They have a large online presence and sell more than 600 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, health and beauty supplements from all over the world.  SaSa also has several hundred retail stores in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan.

I've heard other people talk about how quickly their items from SaSa arrived.  I really don't think I've purchased anything from Hong Kong before, so I don't really have a basis for comparison, but it took two weeks from the time I placed the order to when it was finally delivered.  That doesn't seem quick to me, but for those of you who are more familiar with ordering from Hong Kong, is it?

I've become more obsessed with skincare lately and masks in particular.  I know that some people have said they can get sheet masks at Target and other places, but the only readily available sheet masks I can find are the really pricey department store ones.

A couple weeks ago at one of Nordstrom's Sample Saturdays, they were giving away singles of the Shiseido Benefiance Eye Masks and I picked one up.  It was divine.  I absolutely loved it and I was really curious to try the Benefiance full face mask.  The problem is the price.  As far as I can tell, if you want to buy Shiseido sheet masks in the US, you have to buy them in a pack of 4 masks that costs $62.50 ($15.63 per mask).

SaSa carries lots of Shiseido products and one of them is a pack that contains a single Shiseido Benefiance full face mask for $8.60.  At this price point, I really want to try before I buy and this allows me to do that.

I'd heard several people, most notably April talking about the My Beauty Diary face masks.  My Beauty Diary does have an English website - but it's awful.  My Beauty Diary carries a lot of different face masks - sheet mask and wash off masks.  Their entire line is not available on the english side of their website.

I was most interested in they Hyaluronic sheet mask which is one of the ones which isn't available on the english side of their website.  I picked up a box of 10 masks on SaSa for $13.20.

I've heard a lot about Skinfood (mostly their BB Creams) and I was curious about the brand.  You can buy items from this brand through several online retailers.  RubyRubyShop was the one I was most familiar with and they also carry the Fresh Juice Essence Sheet Mask I was interested in, but it's $4.27 from RubyRubyShop and $3.20 from SaSa.

Last but not least, I picked up an Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Mask.  I have an Estee Lauder wash off mask and I was just curious to try this one.  You can get these masks in the US, but you have to buy a 10 pack that retails in the neighborhood of $40.  This single eye mask was $2.90 from SaSa.

Shipping was a flat fee of $6.  Some of their product lines are significantly cheaper than you'd find them in the US, some are exactly the same and some are way higher.  I couldn't really find a rhyme or reason.

What about you guys?  Have you tried SaSa?  What did you think?


  1. I love every Shiseido product I have tried. That is one brand I could really get into trouble with. LOL. I didn't know Estee Lauder made masks I might have to try them out. I do enjoy the hyaluronic mask from my beauty diary though, of course, I enjoy most of their masks

    1. Yeah, I bought a little Shiseido skincare sampler pack last weekend and all of the products are incredible. I love that brand.