Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rock The Lips: International Women's Day

I know quite a few bloggers are doing this today, but for some context, here's the Facebook group that started it all.

March 8 is International Women's Day and a super easy way to (supposedly) promote awareness is by wearing red lipstick today.  I will admit I totally forgot this morning, but I did dig through the makeup bag in my purse and find my Revlon Lip Butter in red velvet.

What about you guys?  Did you wear red lips today?  Is so, link me a pic in the comments.



  1. no i didn't wear any red lips, but i use to celebrate this day anyway! sometimes by go and see someone having a good speech, or a seminar or something. but red lips is a very good idea!/Azure

  2. Hi Azure!

    I suspect that hearing a speaker or going to seminar would be a much more productive way to observe this day anyway ;)

  3. We are Women Hear us ROAR!!!! ViVa La Women =)Like the RED Lips =)

    1. Red lips and women are both AWESOME!