Thursday, March 1, 2012

Review: Z Palettes

I am a very visual person in terms of organization.  What this means in terms of my makeup, is that if I can't see something, it might as well not be there.  I am constantly forgetting that I have certain products just because there's only a limited amount of space for things to be immediately visible on my vanity.  (I almost never use my Urban Decay Naked palette for this very reason.)

Over the last year, I've been acquiring a lot of makeup palettes and compacts from a lot of different companies.  Last September, I finally broke down and decided to get a Z Palette and depot a lot of my shadows in the hopes that I would actually use them more.

The Z Palettes are fantastic.  The palettes come in a range of colors: black red, pink, zebra, leopard.  I'm just boring, so I bought black ones. They also come in a variety of sizes: small, large and Pro.  They are incredibly sturdy.  I've traveled with my palette many times and never had an issue with product getting crushed or coming loose.  The pans adhere fantastically well to the palette and the lid on the palette itself closes very securely.

I bought the standard large size Z Palette (not the Pro palette).  And I put my eyeshadows in it, though you could use it for anything that comes in a pan (blush, foundation, etc):

I have to say I have gotten SO much more use out of my shadows since doing this.  They're all immediately visible.  I can just grab what I want and use it.

I'm not sure if there's been a change in the way the Z Palettes are manufactured, but all of my eyeshadow pans stick to this thing like CRAZY.  I have to pry them out, the magnet is so powerful.  And I didn't have to put anything on the bottoms of the pans to make that happen.  Pans from MAC, Stila, Urban Decay, Sephora, Too Face, Revlon, they all just stick in the palette.  (say this because the Z Palette site specifically says:  "Please note shadows made in non-metal pans for example, MAC de-potted shadows will need metal stickers to adhere them to the magnetic pan in the Z Palette. Metal stickers are now included with every palette."  Anyway, my de-potted MAC pans stick in that first Z Palette no problem.)

I did have to weigh the fact that I was destroying some lovely palettes with the fact that I would use the product more if it was in the Z Palette.  I decided against de-potting the Naked palette, but I also don't use it nearly as much, so it's a trade off.

How much you product you can fit into a Z Palette depends on the particular brand/pan configuration.  The Z Palette site helpful has a breakdown of how many of each particular brand you can fit in each particular Z Palette.  Also, they do a cost breakdown on how much you can save by buying pans of product rather than pots.  And they have de-potting tips.  How awesome is that?  (Too bad I didn't go through the tips before I decided to make my E.L.F. Mega Palette.  RIP purple shadow.  RIP.)

Like I just mentioned, last week, I decided to take a bunch of E.L.F. holiday palettes that I got on clearance and put them in a Z Palette.  These shadow pans did not stick to the palette.  And because there was so much of the shadow all over each of the pans, the metal stickers wouldn't really adhere either.  I could have taken a q-tip and some alcohol and cleaned the product off the bottom of the pans and I'm sure the stickers would have adhered wonderfully.  But I wasn't that patient.  Also, I was covered in purple eyeshadow :(

Anyway, I ended up just using double stick tape to put the E.L.F. pans in the Z Palette.  It worked fine.  Here are the results:

The Z Palettes aren't cheap, but considering how much using a Z Palette has increased the use I get out of products, I think they're completely worth it.  The prices are more or less (depending on where you get them):
  • small - $14
  • large - $20
  • Pro - $28
They also have pans you can buy to make your own creamy product palettes for lipstick, concealer, foundation, etc.    You can get them from a variety of sources:  the Z Palette site,,  FWIW, if you buy them through, you can get 6% of your purchase back through EBATES.

Overall, I love them.  10/10


  1. hey miss! just wanted to say I LOVE your blog! your day of the dead photo is breathtaking! saw you on a friends page and wanted to show your blog some support by being your newest follower!

    follow back sometime?

    happy thursday!

    1. Thank you so much. I followed your blog too!

  2. i agree with you here! the z-palettes are super convenient!
    but i'm surprised of how clean your background seems to be, mine are such a mess, so i have to clean it once in a while!
    and i have depotted a lot recently, so i need to get some more palettes ..... eh!//Azure

    1. Yeah, I love z palettes. The shadows in the first palette hold together really well, which definitely helps. The ELF shadows are a lot more crumbly so I'm going to have to clean that one a whole lot more than I do the first.

  3. What a great idea! I am definitely going to have to invest in one of these!