Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sephora Haul pt. 2: Smashbox Brown Eyes Palette, Anastasia Mini Must Haves

So for the rest of my Sephora Haul, the things I actually bought :)

First up ...

Smash Box Photo Op Eye Enhancing Palette - Brown Eyes.

I apologize, I have got to figure out something with my lighting to make these swatches show up more true to color.  Try as I might, these photos just don't capture the intensity of these eyeshadows.  The navy in particular is a true, dark navy blue, not the way it's showing up here:

The palette has 2 rows, the top row which is the "Soft Trio" and the bottom row, which is the "Smoky Trio".

Soft Trio:
  • Marble - silvery pinkish taupe - frost finish, no glitter
  • Wine - burgundy with pink glitter.  When you sheer it out, it can turn more grayish/brown than burgundy.
  • Bark - greenish/gold/brown with gold glitter.  I swear it's a beautiful color.  Much more beautiful than my description can do justice.

I almost didn't include this swatch because it's so bad.  I swear, these colors are gorgeous.  My lighting just sucks.

Smoky Trio:
  • Vanilla - matte cream 
  • Brazilian Bronze - gold/brown with a metallic finish.  No glitter.
  • Navy -  matte navy blue


I cannot believe how creamy these shadows are.  They go on like butter and they are beautiful.  The navy color is so creamy that I really wondered if it wasn't a cream liner.  I'll have to wear them for a couple of weeks before I give a final review, but my initial impressions are really, really good.

Anastasia Mini Must Haves:

This is just a mini set of Anastasia's Lash Lifting Mascara and clear Brow Gel.

I haven't tried these at all, but when I do, I'll review in full.

So here endeth the haul :D



  1. For some reason I have always had an obsession with smashbox although i've never purchased anything from them lmao.. How do you like their cosmetics and which ones would you recommend for a newbie?

    1. I only have one smashbox trio that I've had for years and it was pretty run of the mill. But the quality of this palette, OMG. It's lovely.

      For a newbie, the Photo Op Trios would probably be a great bet. They're not going to totally break the bank, you get 3 shades and depending on what trio you choose, different finishes (matte, metallic, sparkly, etc).

      If you have a chance, I'd check 'em out.