Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: Inglot shadows

I mentioned the Inglot shadows I picked up in my Vegas haul post.  

Last weekend, I finally managed to swatch everything, pry the pans out of the palettes to get the numbers and crop all my photos so I can do a proper blog post about them.

There is a trick with getting Inglot shadows out of the palettes. You can use the magnets on the corners of the palette cover to pop the pans out. This worked pretty well for me on my 4-pan palette, but not so much on the 5-pan. I suspect it would work better on the larger palettes. I ended up (very carefully!) prying the pans out of the palette using a tiny pair of scissors.

Inglot shadows come in a variety of finishes. Here's an overview I cobbled together from a whole bunch of sources. I actually couldn't find anything direct from Inglot on it, which is a little disappointing.

Inglot Eyeshadow Finishes

  • Matte: Exactly what it sounds like. No shimmer or metallic finish (supposedly, more on that below).
  • Pearl: Pretty much what most other eyeshadow manufacturers say when they say "pearl". No big chunks of glitter, but a shimmery, frosty finish.
  • AMC: "Advanced Make-up Component". Perspiration resistant line - not just shadows. A variety of Inglot products are from the AMC line. Just looking at all the swatches online, they seem to be a mix of sparkly and matte.
  • AMC Shine: Part of the AMC perspiration resistant line. No idea what gives them more shine than the regular line.
  • DS: "Double Sparkle" Extra glitter, hence the double sparkle. It seems to be that the bases are a mix of matte and pearl, at least the ones I saw.

5-pan palette:

  • 453 - White - pearl
    • frost finish but no glitter.
  • 352 - Pink - matte
    • warm pink, not very blue, more peachy
  • 328 - light brown - matte
    • warm brown
  • 360 - medium brown - matte
    • warm, but not as warm on the skin as it looks in the pan
  • 329 - dark brown - matte
    • slightly blackened brown, not quite as creamy as the other mattes, but still awesome. It's a matte, so obviously it should be matte, but I swear, there is the tiniest touch of a red glitter in this shadow. Don't know if all of these are that way or if it's just my pan.

4-pan palette:

  • 480 - blue - double sparkle
    • true blue, not very dark, white glitter
  • 473 - seafoam blue/green - double sparkle
    • white glitter, fairly light
  • 495 - red - double sparkle
    • light, pinky red with gold glitter, worst payoff of the bunch (but still a good shadow)
  • 34 - gold - AMC shine
    • more brown than orange, gold glitter
I cannot go on enough about how much I adore these shadows. I wear them pretty much daily. They are fantastic! The pigmentation is out of this world.  And it lasts and lasts. Even the non-AMC shadows easily last 12 hours.

I have had zero issue with fallout from their sparkly shadows.

And the cost! OMG, compared to other brands they are incredibly budget friendly. For this quality of eyeshadow I would easily expect to pay twice what Inglot retails for. Not only the quality of the eyeshadows themselves - which is AWESOME - but the palettes. They are heavy duty. And the fact that you can move shadows around as necessary - brilliant!

My one (and really ONLY) complaint about Inglot is purchasing. I find their website frustratingly difficult to navigate - their U.S. online store at least. I can't really speak about their other online stores. When you go to their Freedom System eyeshadow squares, they have an amazing selection of colors and finishes. But as far as I can tell, there is no way to sort on them. You can't just say "I want to see all your matte shades" or "I just want your DS shades". So, yeah, the website and online store is frustrating. But the product, OMG, I have to say it is worth the headache of navigating through their online store.

Inglot eyeshadow quality overall 10/10

Inglot shopping experience 7/10


  1. I would have to agree that I find their site overwhelming, but am looking forward to trying them out soon. I love the colors you got.

    1. Their shadows are fantastic. I hope you get a chance to try them soon.

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