Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: E.L.F. mega palette

A couple of weeks ago at Target, I picked up 3 of the E.L.F. holiday palettes on clearance for $2.50 each, making the entire haul a total of $7.50.  SCORE.  (I know, E.L.F. is the platonic ideal of budget friendly cosmetics, but even considering that, seven and a half dollars for 33 full size eye shadows and 3 gel liners is a sweet deal.)

So the only problem here is that stuck in these sparkly book palettes, I knew I was never going to use them. And sure enough, they just sat on the shelf in my cabinet because I kept forgetting I had them.  I'm very visual.  If it isn't in plain sight, it might as well not be there.

So ... I picked up a Z Palette from  Yes, it's $20 and I understand the absurdity of spending $20 on a palette for $7.50 worth of product.  And to that I say:

1.)  In the Z Palette, I will actually use the product
2.) This makes the cost of the entire palette $27.50, which is not bad.
3.) I bought it through EBATES, so I got 6% back and they were having a 20% off Neutrogena, so I picked up some of my regular moisturizer too.

The palette arrived this afternoon, so this evening I pried all the shadows out of the packaging. (Lessons learned:  DO NOT DE-POT EYESHADOWS ON THE BED.  EVER.)  So now the sheets and my clothes are in the washer and I'm really hoping that that really vibrant purple color comes out :(

In the de-potting process 2 of the shadows crumbled to pieces, the aforementioned purple and then a really bright shimmery coral.  Oh well, it could have been worse.

I was able to fit 28 eyeshadows into the palette.  I had a hard time trying to get the stick on magnets that came with the Z Palette to adhere to the back of the pans, so I just used double stick tape to put them in the palette.

Minus the 2 pans I killed, that still left me with 3 shadows and the 3 gel liners which wouldn't fit in the Z Palette.  I decided to just stick them in an old CD jewel case.  It isn't pretty, but at least it gets them out of the way and into something where they won't be crushed.

Like everything E.L.F. does, the shadows are hit and miss - though I have to say, more hits than misses.  Most of the shadows are really creamy with good color payoff.  There are a few duds.  The gel eyeliners are as disappointing as I expected.  I'm not really sure if you could even use them as a cream color base, but I'll test them out.

and the left overs:


  1. This is really cool :) How did you take out the eyeshadows from the palettes? I really want to try this too, I forget to use mine :(

    1. With these ELF palettes, the foam that surrounds all the shadows is one big piece that you can just pull off. Once you do that, the individual eyeshadow pans are glued to little foam squares. If you twist them gently, they come right off.

      My problem was that on one of the palettes, there must have been some glue that got between one of the eyeshadow pans and the big foam divider piece, so when I pulled it off, the shadow went flying and made a huge mess.

      Good luck!

  2. You can fix your broken eyeshadows with a little bit of alcohol. Alcohol evaporates and is perfectly safe to use. Here's a link on how I fix any broken eyeshadows in my kit.

    1. I LOVE YOU! That is SO helpful. I will definitely be favoriting this video.

  3. This sounds Amazing, I love bargains :)I think I will start going to target more often. I have an elf eyeshadow palette and like you said the shadows are a hit or miss thing :( It annoys me but hey they are not that expensive.

    1. E.L.F. really is a mixed bag. Some of the colors are great quality and some are exactly what you'd expect at their price point. So far I haven't been able to figure out what the key is. It seems to be random across colors and finishes. But like I said, 36 shadows and liners for $7.50, I'm willing to deal with a couple of duds for that price.

  4. I totally did this! And I agree with you, with the z-palette, I know I will be using these eyeshadows. The only mistake I made was that I purchased the pro palette :( I ordered from and they have free shipping when you make a purchase of $25 or more so I thought might as well buy it and get free shipping. WRONG! I should have bought the large and maybe some blotting sheets. They didn't even come with enough magnets *sigh*