Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 2011: Stila

I'm not sure what the best way is going to be for grouping posts together, but at this point, brand may be easier. It's an experiment. Let's just go with it.

Okay, so that said, let's start with the new Stila products I picked up

First off:

the purrfect cat eye - talking palette

The whole talking part of the talking palette I find to be completely pointless. But as for the palette itself, I LOVE it!!

The colors are great, very springy and subtle while still having plenty of dimension: some matte, some sparkle. The base color is really, really close to my skin tone, but it does have a bit of a shimmer which I like. The lid/highlight is a really great shimmery pink. The crease color is a rosy pink, but I do wish it was a bit darker so it would be more of a contrast with the base and lid colors.

It also comes with a liquid liner, which I haven't tried *cringe*. I will. Liquid liner is an absolute must for me. I have a couple of the Stila smudge sticks and while I think they're fabulous for a pencil liner, they really don't compare to a liquid. So yes, I'm very excited to try the liquid liner and as soon as I do, I will update on that. I also haven't tried the black eyeshadow in the palette as a liner/accent as suggested. I have tried it just as a dark eyeshadow and I quite like it. It's pretty matte with only the hint of a shimmer.

I picked up the palette at my local Sephora and while it wasn't cheap, it has been well worth the money.

Excellent product: 8/10

In addition to the palette, I also picked up:

prime pot waterproof eye shadow primer

I've been on the lookout for a good primer for quite a while. (Admittedly, I haven't tried out MAC's primer or paint pot which seem to be two of the mostly highly recommended primers out there.)

I picked up the Stila Prime Pot in Taffy. Like the palette, I LOVE it! It goes on soooo smooth. The coverage is great - I'm paler than pale. In addition to using it on my eyelids, I also use it under my eyes as a base for my concealer. It works fabulously well. My makeup stays put!

I only have to use the smallest amount.

Excellent product: 10/10